SSG Style Snap Gages

Dorsey Metrology International
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Current Stock:
DS-S2-12378 (Catalog)
Standard Anvil Dimensions (#2029):
A = 0.625", B = 0.250"

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SSG Series Snap Gage Overview

This design of rugged production line snap gages has been the industry standard for more than 50 years. Dorsey offers this easily adjusted snap gage built to the same exacting specifications and precision as the original Standard Gage® product. Interchangeable repair parts for Standard Gage® snap gages are also available.

SSG Series Snap Gage Features

  • 0.060" gaging travel is standard
  • Adjustable gaging pressure
  • Choice of well balanced precision machined aluminum jig plate frame or ergonomic carbon fiber frame (recommended for larger sizes).
  • Collet mounted indicator can be rotated to suit
  • Standard 5/8" square solid carbide lapped anvils with generous lead radius.
  • Standard anvils are flat & parallel within .00015" on frame sizes below 4", within .0002" on 4"-8", .00025" on 8-12" and .0003" above 12"
  • Nylon backstop protects parts during loading
  • Thermal isolation grips
  • Lifting lever and bench stand optional

SSG Series Snap Gage Ordering Notes

Additional indicator and blade anvil options are available by special order.  Call 1-800-549-GAGE for more information.

*Larger frame sizes (12"+) and lifting levers may experience longer lead times.  Call us at 1-800-549-GAGE to inquire about an estimated lead time.