The Carbon Fiber Advantage

Dorsey Metrology is revolutionizing the gaging industry.  By replacing aluminum gages with those made with carbon fiber, Dorsey's customers are experiencing more accurate readings, increased employee safety, and a longer useful life of their gages, all adding to an increased return on investment. Read below to learn more about the carbon fiber advantage.  

Carbon Fiber is: A fabric made of woven carbon filaments. Carbon fibers are fibers about 5–10 micrometers in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms.  Carbon fibers are usually combined with other materials to form a composite. They are thinner than a piece of human hair.

Carbon Fiber is: 


After using a gage repeatedly throughout the day the device becomes heavy for the employee to use.  With light weight carbon fiber the gage is easy to use, resulting in less stress on the operator.  Measuring can be done quicker, faster and with the potential of less injury in the long run. This creates an efficient work day.

Five times as strong as steel

The shop floor is a busy place, operators are busy and moving quickly.    With carbon fiber you do not have to worry about carefully picking up or placing down a gage since it is a material that is stronger than steel. Think of how long your gage will last when built with a material as strong as carbon fiber.

Corrosion and Chemical Resistant

Gages have the potential each day to come in contact with chemicals or other substances causing deterioration on the device.  Very often exposing the gage to this harsh environment is unavoidable.  Carbon fiber is resistant to these chemicals and substances therefore the gage will last longer. No need to replace a gage that is full of rust due to exposure to harsh substances.

Thermal Expansion Resistant

Measurement devices need to be exact.  In day to day use the devices expand due to air temperature or the temperature of the operator taking the measurement.  Carbon fiber is resistant to these elements, meaning your readings will always be precise with a carbon fiber device.